Solar Energy

Solar energy is a source of renewable energy, a photovoltaic powerplant transforms radiation energy from the sun into useful electricity. The generated electricity is used on-site or (partially) injected into the grid.

A solar installation consists of solar panels, a mounting system, solar cables and inverters. The panels are installed on a rooftop or on the ground by the mounting system.

Electricity Output – Solar
The power generated by the PV (photovoltaic) installation depends on:

  • The amount of sunlight that falls in on the panels
  • The outside temperature
  • The performance of the installation

Wind Energy

Wind energy is energy from moving air, caused by temperature – and therefore pressure – differences in the atmosphere. Irradiance from the sun heats up the air, forcing the air to rise and pressure to increase. Conversely, where temperatures fall, a low-pressure zone develops. Winds (i.e. Air flows) balance out the differences.

Hence, wind energy is solar energy converted into kinetic energy of moving air. Wind turbines capture the wind energy by converting the air flow into rotational movement, which subsequently drives an electric generator.


Biomass energy is energy that is produced from waste products. For a biomass plant to succeed there has to be a guaranteed adequate supply of the waste product for the period of the Power Purchase Agreement. The biomass supply can come in a variety of forms:

  • Biomass – Once living organisms such as timber offcuts, sugarcane tops and trash, corn and soy to name some.
  • Biofuel – Animal or vegetable waste oils and palm oil.
  • Biosteam – Household waste which has been selected and processed in advance. This is also commonly referred to as Waste to Energy.

The waste product, selected from one of the above is incinerated in a controlled facility (usually positioned close to the source of supply) that creates heat for the water in the boiler which becomes steam to turn a turbine which generates electricity. The emissions from the facility are carefully monitored and purified so as not to release any harmful CO2.


Hydro energy is created by water relying on gravity to turn a turbine to generate electricity. Dams are a common platform for generating Hydro as are Pump Storage Facilities.